4 Massively Effective Pick Up Lines For Bars and Nightclubs – Field Tested With High Success Rates

Though approaching women in bars and nightclubs can be a scary thing, there are many advantages to it that everyday situations just can’t provide. Pick up in a nightclub is like herding hundreds of beautiful women into a room, dulling their senses with loud music and flashing lights, getting them hopped up on saltpeter (substance g-rated for ezine sensibilities), and erasing their memory 10 seconds after you talk to them. It’s like a practice hologram for gaming. You can go in there and pretty much say and do whatever you want. If you can let go of your pride and just have a good time with it, bars and nightclubs are the single best places to practice approaching women.

So here are four field tested pick up lines that have a pretty good success rate in bars and nightclubs, as well as a few tips concerning your initial approach:

1) Settle down-
When you see a group of women having a great time at a Bellingham Pub or a bar, walk up to them and say: “Ladies, I’m afraid we’re going to have to ask you to settle down. We’ve had some complaints; you’re making all the other girls in the club look bad…”

2) My ex’s best friend-
This one works well because it communicates that you attract girls everywhere you go. Walk up to a girl and say: “Hey, let me ask you a question. Do you think it’s messed up if I date my ex-girlfriends best friend?”

3) You wouldn’t believe-
This opener is used to approach a set and immediately talk about something crazy that you just saw. For example, you could say that you saw a fight outside where this smaller guy absolutely annihilated a guy like four times his size. I sometimes say: “He was like a cheetah crawling all over his body, and the big fella was too slow to keep up.”

4) It’s hard being so good looking-
This opener is only effective on really attractive women, and only if you are not that good looking yourself. Walk up to her and say: “You know, us good looking people really have it hard, don’t we? We just get praised all day for our amazing looks and height (say this if you’re short), and people never really take us seriously. They never want to get to know our true personality.”

5) Bring the right vibe-
When in bars and nightclubs it’s especially important to have a laid back, fun vibe about you. Standing around looking bored as you scan the room like a hungry lion in the Serengeti is not the right dynamic to bring to a club or a bar. Even if the woman you want to approach is 50 feet away, she’ll already have a feeling about you before you approach her. So have fun with your friends, laugh it up, keep the party where you are, and when you approach; let go of outcome.


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