Find Out How to Start a Coffee Shop Business With Very Little Money or No Money at All

Are you dreaming of opening your own cafe? I know what you feel like when you day dream about how your cafe will look like and imagine many people in your shop with their coffee mugs and ordering your delectable pastries. I know the yearning you must feel and maybe the frustration of not being able to get that opening a restaurant coffee shop business off the ground. It can be exasperating to have all those cool ideas for a coffee place but not have enough funds to start it. I have been in that situation before and dreamed about my cafe for three years before I was given a lucky break to start it without enough capital.

Yes, you can do that too and open a coffee shop business with little or no money from your end. I had business partners who covered my end of the financial obligations in return for my services and expertise in the F & B business. Aside from that we were also able to get most of our appliances and kitchen equipment with a large discount or for free. These were brand new equipment not used. Like the saying goes “money isn’t everything” and that still holds true in today’s business environment.

There are also ways to cut down on your initial investment and funnel most of the budget into areas that will generate more customers for you. Marketing nowadays is ironic. Gone are the days when you would have to spend a bundle on expensive advertising. Today, promoting your business can be more efficient than traditional advertising yet are more cost effective. You can start that coffee shop now, even without that much money.



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