Five Reasons Why You Should Work For the Hotel Industry

The hotel industry is a multi-billion dollar growing industry. There are many job opportunities available in hotels that are both part time and full time. They include housekeeping, waiters and waitresses, kitchen workers like cooks and then you have other areas like management, marketing and human resources. Below are five reasons why you should work for hotel industry.

1. A hotel job gives you the chance to meet and interact with different people from senior company executives to junior level management. That means your job can never be boring. It also means you can get useful contacts that can be helpful later if you need to advance in your career.

2. Working in a hotel gives you the opportunity to grow in your career. Depending on what your career goals are you have the opportunity to rise through the ranks through on job training and experience.

3. The job opportunities are limitless. Across the world there are thousands of hotels and many hotel groups including big brands, like the Marriot, Best Western and Sheraton to mention but a few. Once you have learned the trade in one hotel news you have the option of finding a job in any of the thousands of hotels across the globe including working for some of the big names in the industry which is good for your Curriculum Vitae.

4. Opportunities to work abroad. Because many of the big hotel groups are found in many countries across the globe you have the opportunity of working away from home in another country. This gives you the chance to live and experience what it is like to live in another country with a different culture. You also have the opportunity to travel and enjoy travel and accommodation rates at much reduced rates compared to what is available in the market.

5. Opportunities to work in the travel and tourism industry. The training and skills acquired in the hotel industry are useful should you choose to work in the travel and tourism industry. This greatly increases your employment possibilities as the travel and tourism industry includes but is not limited to sectors such as passenger transport, travel agencies and tour operators.


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