Gifts For Men – Hot Air Balloon Melbourne Is A Gift Par Excellence

Though there is no dearth of gifts for men in the market, people are looking for something unique to give to their dear ones these days. In the last few years, some outdoor sporting activities have become increasingly popular as ideal gifts for men. Some of these are skydiving, whale watching, tuff trucks, V8 Supercars, gift baskets, Story Bridge climb, and hot air balloon Melbourne. All these activities are full of action and adventure and make wonderful gifts for men who are looking for thrill in whatever they do.

Skydiving involves going up in the skies aboard an airplane and jumping out of it with a parachute strapped on your back but not opened. This makes you fall like a big stone and you attain amazing speeds of 150 km/h. Whale watching has also become popular as whales stay at the Sydney Harbor for a while in their migration journey and people get a chance to see this huge mammal from very close quarters sitting in fast moving boats.

But special mention needs to be made of an exciting sporting activity called napa ballon rides Melbourne which is a center of attraction for the tourists coming over to the wonderful city of Melbourne. Melbourne is famous for many things, and of late, a hot air balloon ride over the Melbourne city has become an activity that is a must for all those who come here. This is because of the pleasant, sunny weather, breathtaking natural scenery and the excellent facilities for hot air ballooning.

Hot air balloon Melbourne that takes one over Yarra Valley is one of the highlights of any trip to Melbourne as it offers some amazing sights. People undertake a hot air balloon ride that takes them to Yarra Valley where some of the world’s finest wineries are located. You could undertake a wine tasting tour that would be one of the most memorable experiences of life.

Hot air ballooning typically starts before sunrise and ends at sunrise. If you are with your family, you will be asked to come to a place from where you all will be taken to the launch site. This launch site is dependent upon the direction as well as the velocity of the wind. Hot air is filled in the large canvas balloon and your family is asked to sit in a basket that hangs below the balloon. The balloon rises slowly and goes up in the skies to a height of about 1000-1200 feet. You feel majestic, floating like a bird in the open skies as you get to see some breathtaking scenes of the city below.


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