How Mobile Apps Affect Education?

It is not false to state that the first technology was developed specifically to meet the educational needs. The introduction of these high profile devices has already led to the integration of the books in the classroom with devices in hand. It stimulates the ‘Learning Study’ from vocabulary learning to literacy skills. There is a tremendous amount of apps which draw the child’s interest and at the same time facilitates innovative work and build on comprehensive knowledge. Besides this, considering its an indirect way of contributing, learning is likely to happen via games, quiz, videos, role playing app and much more. Thus, other than gaming and social networking, educational apps are the rising interest of the users. And there are studies and evidences to show that there is a significant learning from these well designed educational apps.

Computers, as we have been familiar with, is in use since ages as an innovative means of teaching and learning in the educational process. This has lead to the emergence of portable computing powers in the form of laptops, tablets and notebooks. As per the carried out researches, it was found out that younger children use smart-phones with the focus on  Apps to build growth and learning. App too has widely contributed through its iBook Textbook. This boosts literal skills, scientific inquiry and content development. Hence, learning becomes active and constructive. It has rightly been termed as ‘Learning with Technology’.

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