Kitchen Essentials – What Are the Must-Haves For Your Kitchen – Kitchenware You Shouldn’t Be Without

You don’t need a high tech kitchen in order to create Michelin star worthy food. But here are some essential kitchen tools and equipment that every kitchen needs.


A chef without a knife is like a conductor without a glass chopping board. A strong, sharp knife is probably the most used tool in the kitchen. These are the most useful knives you will need:

A chef’s knife. Also known as a French knife. A chef’s knife is an all-purpose knife usually between 8 to 14 inches long (20 to 36cm). It is a large multi-purpose knife used for chopping, mincing and slicing.

A paring knife. This knife as a plain edge blade like the chef’s knife. It is a small knife, useful for cutting smaller items and for delicate work such as removing the vein from prawns, or scraping the seeds from a chili.

A serrated knife. A serrated knife has grooves and is useful for cutting soft bread without crushing it.

A knife sharpener. A knife should be sharpened just before each use.

Bonus tip for your kitchen knives. Storing knives in a traditional knife block keeps the blade sharper and is a safer option that keeping them in a drawer.


A medium-sized saucepan

A big saucepan

An oven pot

A frying pan or skillet. Used for frying, browning and searing food. If you buy a non-stock frying pan, be careful never to heat it above 240 degrees centigrade (465 degrees Fahrenheit) as the coating may decompose and release toxic fumes.

A baking or casserole dish.A baking dish is usually made from oven-proof glass, a baking pan is made of metal.

A round baking pan. You might have to buy different sizes according to the specific recipes.

A wire cooling rack. Great for letting roasts and cakes to cool without the bottom getting all soggy.


Two cutting or chopping boards. One for meats and one for non-meats.

A set of mixing bowls. Small, medium and large. Glass is better than plastic.

A large mixing spoon. Either Wooden or plastic.

Spatulas. Good for flipping, rotating and removing food and also for scraping clean mixing bowls. Buy heat-resistant rubber or silicone ones for day-to-day use. Metal ones are best for BBQs.

A rolling pin. Nothing wrong with traditional wooden rolling pins, but these days you would not believe the variety of rolling pins available. The Chef’s Delight 18-inch Aluminum French Rolling Pin for example is designed to be chilled in the fridge before rolling, which helps the dough roll out more smoothly.

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