Oil Painting Reproductions – The Perfect Gift for the Art Lover

Nice gift ideas are hard to come up with and every year again you will start thinking what to get your loved one, family, friends or business partners. If this person likes art and is very interested in everything related to art – an oil painting reproduction might be the perfect gift idea.

Just start looking online and you will come across several sites that offer the service of oil painting reproductions. They will all differ starting from quality, details, the talent of the artists, speed, guarantees offered and of course the prices. An oil painting reproduction should not cost more than $500 depending on the size and selected framing option. The turnaround time should not be more than 4 weeks even for a very difficult painting.

Always check what the guarantee is and if you can give the painting back should you not be satisfied with the results. Testimonials on the site are very useful and especially photo testimonials will help you with your decision. Choose carefully so you will not be disappointed and the gift will be a really nice surprise.

A good offer between different framing options should also be present as it will give your painting the final touch and will impress even more. Make sure the selected frame suits the interior of the home, the office or else – the style should match the oil paintings from pictures as well – if you need help with selecting the best frame the company should be able to give advise.

Oil painting reproductions should come in a big selection from modern artists like Klimt, Kidinsky, Munch to the old masters like van Gogh. Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Michael Angelo. Do not hesitate to ask if a painting that is not listed on the site is possible to be reproduced. In most cases it is not possible to show all the artists, but as long you can provide a suitable photo the reproduction should be no problem at all.

A good gift idea can also start with a gift certificate for a certain amount and the person the gift is for will be able to select him/herself what they would like to order. PaintYourLife is one of the companies that offer a gift certificate and also have a very good guarantee service. Select between different framing options and get advise on sizes. The delivery is free of charge – oil painting reproductions start from $80 depending on size and frame selected.


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