Private Car Sales – Getting the Best Deal

Indulging yourself into buying or selling cars can proved to be tricky and a hectic business, for both buyers and sellers alike, regardless of the fact that you might be doing it on the Internet (online) or from an offline outlet. One top tip, that I can give you right from the start, involving offline buying and selling is to “keep away from the dealer as far away as possible”, specially if you are interested in saving money and got little bit of time. If do not find the time than you can always find the best deal on the Internet at your pace and convenience.

My friend Dr. Susan Candy, P.H.D and an university professor, wanted to get rid of her ‘Audi A8, 2004’ for about $5000, and she told me that if she could end up selling her car at around $5000 that would be quite nice and satisfying for her. But at the same time she could not imagine herself dealing with weird people and all sorts of strange car-sale scams that may come into play or even worse comes to worst, forced into a bargaining discussion with some one who is an expert in the trade and as a result loose considerable amount of money at the end of all this.

Susan feared that if she get involved in any of the above mentioned scenarios, dealer might be able to talked her into selling the car for far less money than what she had anticipated in her mind. However, after lot of thinking and confusion, in the end, she let a dealer handle the car sale anyway!

Ironically, just about every offer that she had received, hover around $2500 to $3500 USD which was as much as half or less than the price for a reasonably well looked after, expensive car. Disappointed from these dealers, who obviously would find every opportunity to take advantage from other person, Susan finally managed to sell her car by handling cash herself at private-party transaction in a private car sales, rather than giving this opportunity to the dealer. She sold her ‘Audi A8 2004′ Model for a whooping $6200 that’s about $6200 USD more than what she would have received from the dealer.

I suppose Candy was lucky, for her, the whole experience turned out to be an educational and a guiding principle for the next time, rather than car sellers’ classic ripped off every-day scenario. Selling your car in this way takes little effort and time but it can save you a lot of cash, literally thousands of dollars. But you know what? Due to this exact same reason, for it’s complexity and time consuming efforts most people shy away from the buying & selling process and why these folks fall right into the dealers’ lap and get ripped off!


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