Scuba Diving – What is the Basic Scuba Diving Equipment a New Diver Should Buy?

Being new to scuba diving, you would not be familiar with the underwater world, but you should be familiar with your scuba diving equipment. Here are certain tips on buying scuba diving hoodies. A smart scuba diver should first get the basic gear, and eventually buy the optional gear that may be used on scuba trips.

Basic Gear:

Mask – The mask is your most important item. If you can’t see where you are going, it doesn’t matter what else is happening on your dive. It should contain a nose enclosure and be tempered for pressure. If your vision is not the best, get prescription lenses in your mask. There isn’t a “one size fits all” with masks. Make sure the mask fits your face.

Fins – The fins can have a strap or enclosed heel. It should be snug but not tight. This will help you move through the water with ease.

Snorkel – The snorkel is a mandatory item for safety. The snorkel should have a self drain barrel. You can choose a variety of different snorkels based on your preference.

Equipment Selection Process:

Safety is most important. You do not want to compromise on safety. Making the correct gear choice for each dive. Not using wrong gear or obsolete gear.

Comfort is right after safety. If your equipment is not comfortable, your dive will be unbearable.Get your gear serviced. Most gear have a recommended service requirement for each item.

Try out the gear to make the best decision. If you can’t try out the certain item you are interested in, ask other people who have the item what they feel about it.

Preparing your gear after you buy:

After you purchase your new gear, make sure to prepare and adjust it prior to diving in it. Wash and adjust the gear.

Remove the excess wax by gently scrubbing the inside of your mask and strap adjustment pieces with toothpaste or nonabrasive cleaner.

Adjust the mask for comfort. Make sure the mask is snug and can hold a seal.

Write your name on all your gear with a permanent gear marker. It is easy to lose scuba gear if there is no name on the item.

Read your instruction manuals to see if you need to prepare any of your other gear.

Your scuba diving gear is a big investment, make sure to take care with the proper selection, proper use, and proper maintenance.


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