Tips to Find a Good Violin Teacher

In Singapore, there are couple of options for you to find a good violin teacher. One way to do so is to scan through the classified advertisement section of the Singapore Straits Times to get contacts for suitable violin teachers. Alternatively, you can contact local string ensembles or orchestra such as the Singapore Symphony Orchestra or Singapore Youth Orchestra to check if any of the violinists in the orchestra will be willing to teach you or your child. The best option, in my opinion, is for you to look for an established music school in Singapore to engage a violin teacher.

Perhaps you may be considering to take group violin lessons in a Singapore music school, or engage a private violin teacher to take professional cello price lessons one on one. My advice is to take violin lessons one on one with a violin teacher, since this will guarantee you personal attention. In learning to play the violin, you need to build a solid foundation whereby you learn the proper bowing and fingering technique. In an individual lesson, your teacher will be able to properly guide you through this process. You will find that you progress faster with individual rather than group violin lessons. Whether you take the violin lessons in a Singapore music school or at home, you will benefit from this drastically.

First tip: source for your music teacher through a Singapore music school

Some of the best violin teachers in Singapore spend part of their time teaching in a music school. They may find that this is more convenient for them since they will not need to travel from one student’s place to another. As such I highly recommend you to search for your violin teacher in Singapore through a music school.

Second tip: Interview the teacher

When you get a couple of recommendations, find some time to meet your teacher to ask some important questions. You will need to know his teaching experience and qualifications. Ask the teacher how many students he has taught in his career and what is the percentage of his students who have stayed with him for more than two years. Typically if he has many students who stay with him for more than two years, he is able to retain his students. You can assume he has the right teaching method which translates to success in his students.

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