8 Places You Can Fundraise – And How to Do It

Do you want to fundraise but don’t know where to begin? Here are eight everyday places you can go to raise money for your charitable cause, along with tips for how to get started.

Charity begins at home and so, too, can your fundraising ideas. Speak to your family about fundraising ideas, or contact everyone in your address book and ask for donations. You can make a lot of money for charity without having to leave the house.

Charity appeals help to break up an otherwise monotonous workday. Talk to your supervisor (you may also need to get permission from your corporate office first) and organise a PTA fundraising ideas event at work. See if you can get your managers involved too; they’ll be able to motivate co-workers too.

Schools are always looking for ways to engage students and get them interested in social causes. Speak to your headmaster about fundraising at the school. You can also ask to use school space to hold a charity event like a silent auction or a dance.

Most churches are very cognizant of their parishioners’ lives and interests. Speak to your church leader or vicar and ask them to make an announcement about your charity before services conclude. You can even ask that they let you use church space to hold a fundraising meeting or event.

Like schools, clubs are used to doing their own fundraising but that’s no reason you can’t fundraise for your own cause too. Speak to your club supervisor (it might be a team captain or club president) and get their permission to introduce your club to your fundraising cause. Because you’re already a close-knit group, chances are they’ll be happy to pitch in and help.

Fundraising in your community offers many rich opportunities. Do a door-to-door collection, network with local businesses, or go into a community space (like a recreation centre) and share your cause with people. It’s a great way to spread the word and fundraise too.

In most areas, you need a licence to conduct street fundraising, but that’s it. The rest is up to you – go up to people, tell them about your cause, sing a song, do a dance; be respectful, but do whatever it takes to get donations and bring positive attention to your charity or group.

Internet fundraising has become very popular in recent years. Use social media sites like Facebook and fundraising tools like JustGiving to organise an Internet fundraising campaign for your charity. It’s easy to make connections and track your donations with Internet fundraising.


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