ADHD Meds and Alternative Remedies

ADHD is not easy to diagnose. The reason for this is because the signs or the symptoms can be seen in other health conditions. A high level of activity, irritability, not following directions, and problems when playing with peers or in school are just a few of the most well known symptoms. When these behaviors are present in extremely high levels, ADHD may be the reason.

If ADHD is suspected, you might first want to get your child a complete physical. You then can seek to have your child tested for ADHD. If school-aged the school may request to have the testing done. Whether it is you or the school your child should be evaluated so that your child will get the appropriate educational support to meet their specific needs

Now that you have the diagnosis of ADHD you will be given treatment options. Stimulant attention defecit disorder meds are typically offered but before you do this, consider that they have serious side effects. Did you know that they are addictive? Did you know that when used for an extended period of time that your child could develop depression and substance abuse problems?

Stimulants can affect your child’s liver, cause sleeplessness, make them irritable, and suffer depression. Stimulants do work but only for about 75% of the children who try them. Anti-depressants may also be prescribed but they carry warnings of suicidal thoughts or attempts among other side effects.

A very viable alternative is natural supplements that are or should be made by a certified homeopath and FDA approved. These supplements are formulations of specific herbs that are known to relieve the symptoms of ADHD. They are very effective and they are without side effects. They can also be used over an extended period of time with no problem.

Acupuncture, behavior therapies, and other holistic approaches could also be considered for the treatment of ADHD. There are special diets for ADHD that might work for your child. You can research this online and keep yourself current in regards to ADHD and new developments.


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