Do You Really Need a Webmaster?

When you start a business, you’re going to have a million things to do. Not literally, but there is a lot that goes into starting a business and building a website. You’ve hired staff to help you with other aspects like web design, payroll, and operations, so why not hire someone for maintenance? That’s where webmaster will come in. You can find people that specialize in the upkeep, updating, and other elements of keeping your website maintained once it is built and published. It’s not going to take care of itself, so you need someone to take care of it for you; odds are that once your business takes off, you want to spend more time on the marketing rather then trying to figure out how to do it all yourself.

Think of it like this: if you had a traditional business, you’d hire someone to clean the building at the end of the day or on a weekly basis, wouldn’t you? Well then, why wouldn’t you hire someone to clean up your website and keep it in working order so that you don’t have to worry about it? It just makes sense. Webmasters will be able to handle all those pesky little tasks that you don’t have time for, including:

– Updates
– Changing information
– Adding information
– Controlling users if you have a registration/login section
– Fixing problems and glitches
– Other upkeep related to having a website

If this isn’t enough to sell you on hiring one of the many qualified webmasters to help with your website, you’ll surely change your mind the first time that the site crashes and you’re left high and dry. In order to have a successful business, it needs to be fully operational at all times. That’s why you need a webmaster.

The going rate for a webmaster is around 45-75 an hour, although some charge more or less depending on their experience and how much work they’ll be doing. Additionally, some actually prefer to be paid on a per-project basis, so this might make it more cost-effective because you won’t be paying for one hour of work and six hours of sitting around.

You can also find more affordable services by getting a full service company to help build, maintain, and market your website. You’ll pay them one flat rate for all services, which should save you some money. However, even though business start-up is costly, you should always put quality above cost when it comes to your website.


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