Improve Your Violin Playing – 8 Excellent Tips For Playing the Violin

The violin is a beautiful instrument but it is not easy to learn how to play the violin. There are a lot of things that can go wrong before before you play a note. Your posture and the way you hold the violin and bow can really affect how you play it. If you want to play the violin better, read the following list of things you should avoid doing in order to improve  buy a violin online playing today.


1. Don’t play the violin with long fingernails. This will make it very difficult for you to make the sounds properly and you will find you are continually touching on the other strings and the fingerboard. So keep your nails trim. 

2. Do not disrespect your violin if you want to improve your violin playing. It doesn’t matter how frustrated you are never swing your violin around, if you do this by the neck of the violin you could break the neck of the violin from the body. Treat it like a baby and you can’t go wrong.

3.. Do not touch the hairs on your bow. These are very delicate and should not be played with. The natural oils from your fingers can damage the bow and prevent the rosin from sticking to the hairs. When this happens you will need to have the hairs on your bow replaced.

4.. Do not hit the bow on anything. As mentioned the bow is very delicate, especially the hairs. The smallest amount of pressure can cause the bow to snap so treat it nicely even when you get mad with your performance when playing the violin.

5. Don’t slouch! Always keep your back straight when playing the violin and your feet should be slightly less than shoulder-length apart. Slouching can affect your playing and give you muscle pain and back problems in the future. This will not improve your violin playing in years to come!

6.. Never get into the habit of bowing with the tip of your bow past your left shoulder. Always keep it straight. Old habits die hard so try not to form this bad habit which will affect how well you play the violin in the future.

7.. Don’t run until you can crawl when you are playing the violin. This will only serve to dishearten you and destroy your confidence. It is important to take things one step at a time. For example, do not try violin vibrato until you are ready and have been shown how to do it by a teacher or someone who knows how. Getting violin vibrato wrong is easy but correcting a bad violin vibrato is nearly impossible.

8. Don’t let rosin build up on your violin when you are playing the violin. After each session, use a soft cloth to remove any rosin left on your strings, underneath the strings, on the fingerboard, the wooden part of the bow and anywhere else it may have fallen.

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