Sony PlayStation 3 Is Not Just for Playing Games

The Sony PlayStation 3 – It Only Does Everything

One could say the PS3 is a game system that does almost everything. The Sony PS3 has been setting standards in at home entertainment since its introduction! Instead of buying multiple media systems, the PlayStation 3 does it all! From stunning Blu-Ray movies to remarkable gaming adventures, there’s never a dull moment in a PS3 household!

Sony PlayStation has taken gaming to a whole new level! With a library stretching far into the thousands of disc based games, Sony has been leading the pack of the entertainment platforms for quite some time!

Their console PS2 has been out for a decade and games are still being purchased and PRODUCED!! Having gone through 4 of them myself, I made the decision to toss my final broken one and vowed to not buy another PS2. I had to make myself promise.

Looking Inside the Sony PS3

Lifting the hood of the PS3 reveals an IBM “Cell” processor and a co-developed NIVIDIA graphics processor that together allow the system to perform two TRILLION calculations per second!

With HDMI support and an engine like that, it’s no wonder PS3 supports Blockbuster title games such as God of War, Uncharted, LA Noire, and Dead Island! Let’s see what else the Sony playstation 5 game has to make your PS3 gaming experience one of a kind:

A Dualshock 3 Wireless Controller

The Dualshock 3 Wireless controller puts the action into your hands! Feel every scene and battle! The PS3’s controller sports a remarkable pressure sensitive button system to know the amount of pressure the user applies to each button.

Want to walk, lightly hold ‘X’, to stride, press and hold ‘X’, and to sprint, MASH ‘X’!! That combined with its ultra-sensitive Six axis motion sensor technology takes things like flying an American Fighter Jet to a whole new level!!

The wireless controller uses Bluetooth technology to connect you to your PlayStation 3. Last but not least is the Dualshock 3’s rumble feature. Feel your controller shake and quake as you battle your way through endless stories and fantasies!

Connect on the PlayStation Network

Playing with your self can be fun, but playing with others can be even better! Log on to the PlayStation Network and unlock a vast community of gamers! Find out what games are in, download demos to games you want to play, even download games straight to your PS3!

The PSN is like the online mall to everything games and gamers! Plus find a community of people playing games just like you! Collect Trophies and compare your Trophies to others!
Use the PlayStation 3 to Watch Blu-Ray on Your HDTV

Playstion 3 offers the greatest viewing experience on your television by utilizing Blu-Ray high definition. Enjoy movie theater quality in your living room! PS3 supports most disc based formats including CD, DVD, CD-RW, DVD-R…you get the picture! And clearly so does Sony.

There’s no need to buy a separate Blu-Ray player anymore. If you like to play games between your movies then the Sony PlayStation 3 is a great choice. It’s capable of playing Blu-Ray movies and 3D Blu-Rays right out of the box. Once you start watching movies in high definition you’ll have a hard time watching movies any other way.

The PS3 is a Fun System for Games and Media

There seems to be almost something for everyone to do on the Sony PlayStation 3. There’s no need to be a serious gamer anymore as with the PS2. There’s a lot you can do with the PS3 that you can have fun with for a long time without playing very many games at all. Sony has done a great job making the PS3 and all in one solution for gamers and media lovers and is very adaptable to whatever you like to use it for.



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